Trust & Estate Litigation (Including Will Contests)

Elder Abuse?  Trust Contest?  Forged Will?

We represent clients in will contests and trust contests. Additionally, we help our clients demand accountings and timely distributions of estate assets. Specifically, our estate litigation team has substantial experience in all California Probate Courts where the firm enjoys a reputation for sound advice, efficiency, and practicality. Our first and foremost goal will always be achieving the best possible result for our clients. Quite frequently, we are able to settle such proceedings without trials after taking into account the merits of the positions advanced by respective parties.

Our trust and estate litigation department has recovered millions of dollars for our clients.  First, we take the time to get to know our clients and understand their goals.  Then, we aggressively pursue the results desired. Finally, we go the extra mile and walk hand in hand throughout the entire process.

Of note, we practice in all California Probate Courts. Unfortunately, it is difficult for some clients to come to our office in Santa Monica. Therefore, we can act as your virtual probate attorneys and provide you with all of the care and attention we do with clients that come to our office, except that some or all meetings will be conducted via proprietary video conference and we will exchange thoughts, ideas and documents electronically. Additionally, we will attend hearings and manage the case without you ever having to step foot in a courtroom.

Types of Litigation

Trust and Estate litigation can take many forms. For example, some of the kinds of matters the firm has handled include:

  • Probate litigation to dispute the validity of wills on the basis of incapacity of the testator, undue influence over the testator, defective execution of the will, forgery, etc.
  • Trust litigation to challenge or defend the construction of a trust or the actions of a trustee.
  • Will construction proceedings on behalf of fiduciaries or beneficiaries to clarify ambiguity in a will.
  • Accounting proceedings to challenge or defend the management of an estate or trust.
  • Fiduciary removal proceedings to remove a trustee, executor, or guardian because of misconduct or incompetence.
  • Spousal rights proceedings.
  • Petitions to determine proper ownership of real property.
  • Petitions to determine entitlement to trust or will distributions.
  • Omitted heir or spouse litigation.

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