Italian Litigation Services for Small and Mid-sized U.S. Law Firms

Outside Counsel in Italy – Litigation Services for U.S. Law Firms:

We provide referrals of outside counsel in Italy for a full spectrum of litigation services. They handle cases involving a broad range of corporate matters, employment and insurance disputes, contract claims, and real estate.

They work closely with their clients at every stage of the litigation process.  For example, they provide regular status reports, risk and exposure assessments, and legal and resolution strategies. In partnership with their clients, they map out objectives and then develop appropriate and cost-effective strategies. Keeping in mind the end result ensures that they take the right steps along the way.

We frequently support U.S. law firms in Italian jurisdictions representing clients in many different legal matters. If a U.S. law firm needs support in Italy they obviously need a licensed Italian attorney on the ground. For the past 15 years we have established relationships with U.S. law firms and have helped them navigate the very complicated Italian court system. In doing so we have receive great results, both for defendants and plaintiffs, whichever the case may be.

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