What is a Conservatorship in Los Angeles?

A conservatorship in Los Angeles involves a judge appointing a responsible person (called the “conservator”) to care for another adult (called the “conservatee”).  The conservatee is someone who cannot care for himself or herself or manage his or her finances.

Setting up a conservatorship in Los Angeles is a long and complex process. For example, the conservator must fill out many forms, attend several court hearings and undergo an investigation.  Therefore, before asking the court to appoint a conservator, make sure this is an appropriate course of action.

Completing the Petition

The process begins when the spouse, domestic partner, relative or friend files a petition with the court. Specifically, the petition must include personal information about the proposed conservator and conservatee and the reasons why a conservatorship is necessary. Of note, It must also explain why alternatives to a conservatorship are not available.  Upon filing the petition, the proposed conservator must pay court fees. Specifically, the initial court fees are approximately $1,200.  Thereafter, the court will set a hearing about six weeks from the filing date.  Then, the proposed conservator mails notice to all of the proposed conservatee’s relatives.


A court investigator will talk to the proposed conservatee, relatives and others who may have important information. Additionally, the court appoints an attorney (the “CAC”) to represent the proposed conservatee.  Thereafter, the CAC will visit the the proposed conservatee and form an opinion of the case.

Hearing on Conservatorship in Los Angeles

A conservatorship in Los Angeles requires that the proposed conservatee go to the hearing unless the judge excuses him or her. At the hearing, the judge make sure everyone got notice. Then, if the judge is ready to make a decision, he or she will grant or deny the conservatorship. Subsequently, if the judge grants the petition the proposed conservator will file a proposed order and will obtain Letters of Conservatorship. If there is an estate, a bond must be filed.

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