Italian Dual Citizenship, Residency and Taxes

American-Italian Dual Citizenship

The firm can connect you with lawyers in Italy that have developed significant practices relating to American-Italian Dual Citizenship. Specifically, they provide applicants a special service called the “Quick Italian Citizenship Package”.  For example, they assists clients in obtaining all the birth, marriage and death certificates required to obtain their Italian citizenship.  Specifically, they can get the ancestral, father, grandfather, grandmother, great-grand parent or other documents required to file the Italian citizenship application. In some cases they get them from the “comune” where the ancestors were born. They go the extra mile (or kilometer) for you.

Italian Residency

Most people do not understand that citizenship and residency in Italy mean different things. For example, even though you are an Italian citizen, you are not automatically an Italian resident.  Consequently, you are not qualified for tax savings and other benefits afforded an Italian resident. This can be particularly expensive to an uninformed purchaser of real property in Italy who has not become an Italian resident.

Our firm has tons of relationships with lawyers in Italy that help people get their residency. The process is somewhat complicated, which is why you need them to guide you.  Specifically, they have developed the “Quick Italian Residence Package”, which streamlines the process.

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