Italian Inheritance and Wealth Transfer

Dual American Italian citizens and Italian expatriates in the U.S. often encounter inheritance issues in Italy.  Nevertheless, we help you navigate the Italian legal system from the United States by referring professionals in Italy to ensure your Italian inheritance.

Italian estate planning differs quite a bit from U.S. estate planning.  For example, each city has its own set of rules in Italy.  Further, the rights of spouses and children are different in Italy.

Lawyers in Italy can prepare wills, estate planning documents and powers of attorneys.  Then, they can lodge them with the proper authorities in Italy.  Finally, they ensure that these Italian estate planning documents sync up with your U.S. estate planning documents.

Additionally, if your Italian parent or sibling passes away in Italy they can help you.  Whether they left you real or personal property, we can connect you with professionals in Italy that can navigate the legal system in Italy.  They will ensure that your rights are being protected.  They can handle all of this for you without you ever having to leave the country.

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